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About Us

Life is a continuous balancing act. How do you cope?

Whether we realize it or not, we develop effective or ineffective ways to achieve this elusive aspect. Like even the most advanced cars, we need regular 'wheel alignments' to avoid the wear and tear of the journey.

Balance is the art of keeping body, mind and spirit in harmony, and being able to do this on our own or together as a family.

Balance - the Club is a holistic response to this pursuit with international, world class features and facilities that address each of these dimensions: body, mind and spirit.

Balance - the Club is the ideal place for the family to relax and recharge on a regular basis. Every area is wholesome and positive, reflecting the values you cherish and enabling you to share them as a family.

What's in it for you?

Here's a club with something for you and everyone in the family. It's fully equipped with a host of amenities that include:

a) Swimming Pool

b) Flood-lit Tennis Courts

c) Basketball Courts

d) Badminton Courts

e) XLR8 (India's first World Cup-ready, 5 court, flood-lit, all-weather indoor sports arena)

f) Activ8

g) Spa & Wellness Center*

h) Amphitheatre*

i) 100-seater Auditorium, Conference and Reception Hall*

j) Butterfly Park*

k) Galaxy Gallery*

l) Wi-Fi Library*

m) Executive Suites*

n) Restaurant*

o) Café*